Which Summer 2012 blockbuster are you MOST looking forward to?

When most people think of Summer, they think of beers with friends at a patio,  jumping off the dock at the cottage, and of course, huge blockbuster films. This Summer proves to be an exciting one when it comes to big screen. The usual suspects are the big budget action/fantasy flicks, but Disney Pixar looks like they hit the nail on the head again with yet another great animated film (could they do any wrong?). And of course, who could forget about the blockbuster man himself, Will Smith. Let’s see how Men in Black 3 fairs with audiences this Summer. Perhaps people will be too sun sick to notice whether a movie is terrible or not (can you tell I don’t really care for MIB?). Personally, I’m looking forward to Brave, Spider-Man (I love Emma Stone), and The Dark Knight Rises (should be interesting to see how they do without Heath Ledger).

So, now it’s your turn! Which movie are you MOST looking forward to this Summer? And hey, should you be so bold, shoot us a message in the “Write for Us” section if you’d be interested in writing a review of your favourite Summer flick.

–Octavia Ahsan

(@OctaviaFaith; OctaviaFaith.com)


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