Cheap Summer Date Ideas Your Lady Will Love

With sky-rocketing gas prices, rising rent costs, and the cost of your morning coffee consistently creeping up with inflation, taking your lady out on regular dates can be brutal on your cheque book. Hopefully your girl is nice enough to pitch in here and there, but for the most part, it’s your wallet that’s taking the hit. In an effort to help you have fun and still have enough for retirement, here are a few ‘not so pricey’ Summer date ideas that will help you and your lady get outside and enjoy what little we have of this coveted season.


Picnics are always at the top of everyone’s list for cheap and romantic dates. Remember gentlemen, when it comes to the menu, keep it simple; a few select sandwiches, fresh fruit, and some ice cold pink lemonade will do just fine (an ice cold beer is also a great substitute). Pick a cool, shady spot under a big tree, lay out a blanket, and spend the afternoon taking in the warmth and enjoying each others company.


For all you artistes out there, file this one under the category of two-birds/one stone. Most ladies love a nice, romantic walk with their man, but couple that with photography, and she’ll have a blast. I suggest going somewhere like the River Valley in Edmonton, or the Distillery District in Toronto. Hold her hand, snap photos of her near interesting landmarks, and get some shots for your portfolio or collection all at the same time. I would also suggest stopping in at a local ice cream shop along your route–the perfect way to end an amazing, and productive, afternoon or evening in the summer heat.


Summer is too short to be be wasting your time indoors. Going for a bike ride is a fun and active way to spend time with your lady, all while taking in the sights and sounds of a scenic route in your city. Remember, not every date has to be some lavish ordeal, the key is spending quality time and enjoying each others company, so gentlemen, this is not the time to be speeding away. Take it slow and easy, and maybe grab a cool, healthy smoothie after your ride to cool down and chat.


Almost every major artist is on tour in the Summer and depending on who you want to see, or where you want to sit, concert tickets can be incredibly pricey. So, although I do believe it’s worth the hit to the budget to see someone whom you or your lady are a huge fan of, there are always smaller, often outdoor, concerts happening in most cities that are either dirt cheap, or completely free. For example, last Summer my boyfriend and I had the rare privilege of seeing the great Aretha Franklin during the Toronto Jazz Festival for free while lounging on the lawn outside Roy Thomson Hall. Do a little bit of research into the festivals and events in your city and I am sure you’ll find some incredible and cheap date night concerts and shows all over town.


Skip the dark, dingy movie theatre, and save yourself the sticky mess under your shoes for a nice, warm Summer night at the drive-in. This is a cheap and romantic alternative to the usual ‘dinner-and-a-movie’ routine. Most girls are taken back to their favorite RomCom or chick flick when they think of the idea of going to a drive-in, which only means more kisses and hugs for you. Not only is this a great way to take in a movie with your lady, but you get to enjoy it in the beauty of nature, and breathe some fresh air while you’re at it. Oh, and don’t forget to pack some movie-esque snacks and drinks; a girl’s gotta eat!

Hopefully these ideas help make this upcoming summer one for the books for you, your lady, and your bank balance. Enjoy!

Octavia Ahsan


Octavia Ahsan is a writer/blogger from Brampton, a suburb outside of Toronto, ON. In 2010 she received a Bachelors degree in Science from McMaster University, and founded a charitable organization called CompassionActs. In March 2012 she founded The PODIUM, where she also serves as the Editor-in-Chief. She frequently writes for, a popular Christian girls blog based out of London, England, as well as her personal blog site In her spare time, she likes to hunt for the best burrito in Toronto (Chipotle Mexican Grill holds the spot so far).


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