INTERVIEW: All Sons & Daughters

Despite being exceptional singers and songwriters, Leslie Jordan and David Leonard, collectively known as the worship duo, All Sons & Daughters, prove that worship transcends music. Their raw, passionate lyrics, paired with acoustic instrumental arrangements create the perfect platform for an honest conversation with God.

All Sons & Daughters was formed in 2010 at Journey Church in Franklin, Tennessee, where Jordan and Leonard work as ‘worship designers’. This year, on March 13, they released their first full-length studio album, entitled ‘Season One’, and had the privilege of  promoting it while on a two-week cross-Canada tour with Chris Tomlin, a worship music heavyweight.

‘Season One’ brings worship back to it’s essence – a response to God. Songs like ‘Reason to Sing’ reflect the intimate and personal struggles of faith that many experience during times of trial. Tracks such as ‘Your Glory’, and ‘Oh Our Lord’, and ‘Brokenness Aside’ put the attention completely on adoration and praise to the Lord. Other songs like ‘All the Poor and Powerless’ and ‘Wake Up’ serve as anthems of encouragement for the broken, and for believers everywhere to take up their cross and cling to God. The beauty of the musical arrangements in this album is that they often open with a very intimate and quiet feel, allowing for an awesome listen during your private worship time, but are able to transition wonderfully, with powerful buildups, towards congregational worship. You can press play on ‘Season One’ from Track 1, ‘Alive’, and let it play through to the end of the album and not feel the need to skip any songs – a rarity in music these days. Chords and lyrics for many of the songs on this album can be found on the All Sons & Daughters website.

Ultimately, All Sons & Daughters’ heart is for the Church body, creating music that not only touches individual hearts, but strives to unite the congregation as a whole, reflecting the many seasons that a church often goes through together. This is reflected in their commitment to their home church, their music, and their personal lives – edifying the Church, and encouraging believers and worship leaders to dig deeper in their pursuit of God, be it through music, art, or any form of worship.

We had the privilege of chatting with All Sons and Daughters for an exclusive interview, discussing everything from the inspirations for the songs on ‘Season One’, the state of worship in the North American Church, to their favourite city in Canada.
Exclusive Interview for The PODIUM
Be sure to check out All Sons & Daughters’ website for band updates and blog entries, as well as their Facebook and Twitter, and pick up ‘Season One’ on iTunes. Support great worship music.

Octavia Ahsan


Octavia Ahsan is a writer/blogger from Brampton, a suburb outside of Toronto, ON. In 2010 she received a Bachelors degree in Science from McMaster University, and founded a charitable organization called CompassionActs. In March 2012 she founded The PODIUM, where she also serves as the Editor-in-Chief. She frequently writes for, a popular Christian girls blog based out of London, England, as well as her personal blog site In her spare time, she likes to hunt for the best burrito in Toronto (Chipotle Mexican Grill holds the spot so far).


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