EDITOR’S NOTE: Differing Views

The goal of The PODIUM has been, and will always be, to present and discuss material from a different perspective – to look at the other side of the story, regardless of popular opinion, or even the generally accepted “Christian” opinion, to challenge, yet also encourage people.

Many of the pieces on this publication have strayed from a typical, or expected, narrative. It’s important to understand that although we are unapologetically a Christian blog, that doesn’t necessitate a formulaic template for the pieces we publish. The truth of the matter is that people have differing views on various topics, whether that be on the definition of marriage, whether dating and courting are the same thing, or whether The Hunger Games was a terrible movie or not – and that’s okay! More often than not, as is only natural, we are surrounded by people who think, feel, and act similarly to us – but that’s not the reality of the world we live in. At The PODIUM, we are striving to create an atmosphere where controversial, divisive, and even fun topics can be discussed in a safe, and respectful environment, where the ultimate goal isn’t to pass judgment or ridicule, but rather to gain understanding and insight. Please understand that although we allow varying pieces to be published, they may or may not directly reflect my personal views as Editor – as long as the material is presented in a respectful manner, and follows the mandate of The PODIUM, we are more than happy to publish it. Also, we encourage readers to post their comments and questions directly in the comments section underneath the piece itself; especially if you have a rather lengthy comment. Our writers have been advised to check back as frequently as possible to their piece to address the readers accordingly. Although I appreciate your views on Facebook, I am in no place to speak on behalf of the writers themselves, and therefore would be doing an injustice to their views and their piece.

In the past several weeks, The PODIUM has gone from being a mere idea, to a fully functioning blog magazine. We’ve had the privilege of having several contributing writers lend their talents and ideas to this publication, boldly telling their often very personal stories, some out of fear of what others’ may say or think – but they did it anyway. I think that in itself deserves respect and admiration, as so many people are afraid to ever open up to a friend, let alone a public audience. Many of our pieces have been shared on social media outlets such as readers’ personal Facebook pages, as well as on Twitter, and we thank you for continued support and encouragement. As we move forward, we have many exciting pieces on the horizon. As the weather warms up and Summer festivities begin, we will be covering more events around the Greater Toronto Area, featuring more movers and shakers in the music and non-profit industries, as well as connecting more with people’s stories from all walks of life.

We encourage your participation. If you have a story idea, or anything you feel would be well suited to our publication, feel free to connect with us on our official Facebook page, tweet us, or email us at info@thepodium.ca. We would love to hear from you. In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying the material on The PODIUM, and are being both challenged and encouraged by it.

Thank you.

Octavia Ahsan 


@OctaviaFaith; OctaviaFaith.com

Octavia Ahsan is a writer/blogger from Brampton, a suburb outside of Toronto, ON. In 2010 she received a Bachelors degree in Science from McMaster University, and founded a charitable organization called CompassionActs. In March 2012 she founded The PODIUM, where she also serves as the Editor-in-Chief. She frequently writes for MilkandHoneyMedia.co.uk, a popular Christian girls blog based out of London, England, as well as her personal blog site OctaviaFaith.com. In her spare time, she likes to hunt for the best burrito in Toronto (Chipotle Mexican Grill holds the spot so far).


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