“You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving Church”

For anyone whose been in a multi-generational church for some time, the gaping ‘black hole’ that is the young adult demographic is no surprise. Unless you hail from a church specifically geared to people aged 18-30, you are more than likely not going to find many people that fall into that category sitting in your congregation.

In You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving Church…And ReThinking Faith, author, researcher and speaker David Kinnaman delves into the reasons why we see a trend of Christian teenagers being the most highly active religious Americans (stats that mirror Canadian trends), and why twentysomethings are the least religiously active. In fact, according to Kinnaman, we see a dramatic drop, a whopping 43%, in active church engagement among young adults.

As the President of the Barna Group, a research company based out of Ventura, California, David Kinnaman offers both a refreshing academic approach to studying this phenomena in the North American Church, but balances the stats and information with heartfelt opinion and advice, padded with real-life stories of celebrities and everyday young people. The scientific approach to the research forces readers to pay attention to what Kinnaman is saying – backed by statistical analysis and insight to what young people are REALLY saying, thinking, and feeling. Too often, as discussed in this book, the scientific method is seen as being at odds with Christianity and faith – Kinnaman demonstrates how useful scientific and mathematical tools can be to further the Kingdom of God, using it in conjunction with His ultimate purpose and glory.

We had the privilege of discussing You Lost Me with David Kinnaman – touching on everything from why young people are leaving the Church, the phenomena of Christian celebrities such as Tim Tebow, technology and faith, pop culture and the value of art outside of the Church, and how changing trends in the “religious right” will effect the upcoming American Presidential election.


WIN a copy of You Lost Me for yourself! Simply tweet @ThePODIUMTweets, telling us one thing you heard/learned from listening to our interview with @DavidKinnaman. Your name will then be entered to win a hardcopy of the book! (Contest only valid in Canada)


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